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Shows with  Song Details Played 64 times (last played 474 shows ago)
date shows b/t venue (city, state) set order
07/18/08    125  private party (Salt Lake City, UT Mingus, Cryin' Shame, Dovetail Joint
08/24/07  Audio Available  48  Malibu Inn (Malibu, CA Beneath The Blossoms, Cryin' Shame, Idaho Pines
04/25/07    40  Harper's Ferry (Allston, MA [openerCryin' Shame, Rather Be Blind
02/07/07    Sweetwater Saloon (Mill Valley, CA Dinah, Cryin' Shame, Right Between Your Eyes
01/28/07  Audio Available  Soho Restaurant and Music Club (Santa Barbara, CA Good Ol' Boys, Cryin' Shame, Gumboots
01/17/07    Old Blinking Light, The (Taos, NM Honkytonk Tequila, Cryin' Shame, Rather Be Blind
01/13/07    14  Eldo, The (Crested Butte, CO Ginseng Sullivan, Cryin' Shame, Golden Days
12/12/06    22  Mobius, The (Ashland, OR California Snow & Rain, Cryin' Shame, Rosalee McFall
10/23/06    34  High Noon Saloon (Madison, WI On My Way Back To The Old Home, Cryin' Shame, California Snow & Rain
08/16/06    Attic, The (Santa Cruz, CA Metrosexual, Cryin' Shame, Green Drop
07/26/06    54  Other Side, The (Missoula, MT June Apple, Cryin' Shame, Norwegian Wood
04/12/06    14  Higher Ground (Burlington, VT Kissin' Cousins, Cryin' Shame, Always Be The Moon
03/21/06    19  Soapbox, The (Wilmington, NC Always Be The Moon, Cryin' Shame, Open Season
02/16/06  Audio Available  8150 (Vail, CO (The Trial Of) John Walker Lindh, Cryin' Shame, (You Make Me) Feel Like Dancin'
02/13/06    13  Belly Up (Aspen, CO New Speedway Boogie, Cryin' Shame, Sweet Honey Fountain
01/14/06  Audio Available  16  Graduate, The (San Luis Obispo, CA Gumboots, Cryin' Shame, Cumberland Blues
12/03/05  Audio Available  10  Belly Up Tavern (Solana Beach, CA What To Do, Cryin' Shame, Right Between Your Eyes
11/10/05    27  Higher Ground (Burlington, VT Silas, Cryin' Shame, Gumboots
09/14/05    Sengthong's (Dunsmuir, CA Wedding Day, Cryin' Shame, Good Ol' Boys
09/04/05    49  Evergreen Lodge (Yosemite, CA You Ain't Goin' Nowhere, Cryin' Shame, Rocket Man
05/26/05    11  House Of Blues (Chicago, IL Waterpocket Fold, Cryin' Shame, Hobo Song
05/07/05  Audio Available  12  Little Fox, The (Redwood City, CA The Crest, Cryin' Shame, Copenhagen
04/20/05    Gravity Lounge (Charlottesville, VA Ginseng Sullivan, Cryin' Shame, I've Let Go
04/01/05    11  Sanchez Concert Hall (Pacifica, CA (The Trial Of) John Walker Lindh, Cryin' Shame, Home Sweet Home
03/08/05    WOW Hall (Eugene, OR Elephant Hunting Song, Cryin' Shame, June Apple
03/04/05  Audio Available  Other Side, The (Missoula, MT Horseshoe, Cryin' Shame, Rather Be Blind
03/02/05    Mangy Moose (Jackson, WY Gumboots, Cryin' Shame, Fox
02/18/05    12  Sherpa and Yeti's (Breckenridge, CO Fox, Cryin' Shame, Firefly
01/13/05    Sherpa and Yeti's (Breckenridge, CO Good Ol' Boys, Cryin' Shame, Rosalee McFall
01/07/05  Audio Available  17  Sail Inn, The (Tempe, AZ Red Haired Boy, Cryin' Shame, Fox
11/18/04    Knotty Pine, The (Victor, ID Rocket Man, Cryin' Shame, Spider
11/05/04    16  Nectar's (Burlington, VT Silas, Cryin' Shame, River Song
10/12/04    Orpheum Theatre (Flagstaff, AZ [openerCryin' Shame, Always Be The Moon
09/24/04  Audio Available  Bean Scene, The (Chico, CA Jackmormon Mother, Cryin' Shame, This Morning At Nine
09/21/04  Audio Available  15  Tractor Tavern (Seattle, WA Rosalee McFall, Cryin' Shame, Cumberland Blues
08/20/04    Beardslee Castle (Little Falls, NY Rather Be Blind, Cryin' Shame [closer]
07/28/04    Catalyst, The (Santa Cruz, CA Brain Damage, Cryin' Shame [closer]
07/24/04    10  Evergreen Lodge (Yosemite, CA Nellie Kane, Cryin' Shame, Waterpocket Fold
06/29/04  Audio Available  13  Bean Scene, The (Chico, CA Ian's Greens, Cryin' Shame, Homeless Man Blues
06/01/04    Cabooze, The (Minneapolis, MN The Crest, Cryin' Shame, Ginseng Sullivan
05/26/04    16  Filling Station, The (Bozeman, MT Gumboots, Cryin' Shame, Irish Medley 2
04/10/04    10  Alpine Meadows Ski Resort (Tahoe City, CA (You Make Me) Feel Like Dancin', Cryin' Shame, Fox
03/22/04    11  Other Side, The (Missoula, MT BCH, Cryin' Shame [closer]
02/20/04    Piper Down (Salt Lake City, UT High On A Mountain Top, Cryin' Shame, Virginia's Grin
02/18/04    13  Little Bear Saloon (Evergreen, CO Thrill Is Gone, Cryin' Shame, I've Let Go
01/25/04  Audio Available  Rojo's (South Lake Tahoe, CA River Song, Cryin' Shame, Cumberland Blues
01/18/04    River City Saloon (Hood River, OR I'm Goin' Up On The Mountain, Cryin' Shame, Lochs Of Dread
01/15/04    14  Sam Bond's Garage (Eugene, OR Irish Medley, Cryin' Shame, Ginseng Sullivan
11/01/03    Expression Media Center (Emeryville, CA Gumboots, Cryin' Shame, River Song
10/26/03    Bitter End, The (Portland, OR Jackmormon Mother, Cryin' Shame, Ginseng Sullivan
10/23/03    Sam Bond's Garage (Eugene, OR [openerCryin' Shame, One More Time Around
10/17/03  Audio Available  10  Kuumbwa Jazz Center (Santa Cruz, CA Gumboots > Cryin' Shame [closer]
09/16/03    Club Metronome (Burlington, VT Cumberland Blues, Cryin' Shame, Evolution
08/29/03    Historic Sweet's Ballroom (Oakland, CA Sugaree, Cryin' Shame, Jackmormon Mother
08/20/03  Audio Available  Elbo Room (San Francisco, CA Old Dangerfield, Cryin' Shame [closer]
08/19/03    Expression Media Center (Emeryville, CA Ginseng Sullivan, Cryin' Shame, Nellie Kane
08/01/03  Audio Available  Horning's Hideout (North Plains, OR Nellie Kane, Cryin' Shame, Good Ol' Boys
07/23/03    Voodoo Lounge (San Francisco, CA Green Drop, Cryin' Shame, Rather Be Blind
06/29/03    Lake Tahoe Brewing Company (Stateline, CA Rather Be Blind, Cryin' Shame, Fox
06/27/03    Bar of America (Truckee, CA (You Make Me) Feel Like Dancin', Cryin' Shame, Gumboots
05/31/03    12  Connecticut Yankee (San Francisco, CA Thrill Is Gone, Cryin' Shame, Good Ol' Boys
04/30/03    12  Sweetwater Saloon (Mill Valley, CA [openerCryin' Shame, Evolution
04/11/03    38  Half Moon Saloon (Vail, CO Irish Medley, Cryin' Shame, River Song
09/28/02  Audio Available    Apple Harvest Festival (Point Arena, CA (You Make Me) Feel Like Dancin', Cryin' Shame, Star Of The County Down

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