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We're excited to invite you to enjoy MoreButter Radio, which occasionally features live broadcasts of Hot Buttered Rum's shows. Connection information, tips, and, yes, rules (sorry!) are below. Please read them carefully. ENJOY!!!

    now playing: Live simulcast from WOW Hall (Eugene, OR)

    * connection tip: if you have trouble connecting with the "connect" button above, try clicking on (or copying/pasting into your media player) the following URL: http://s2.viastreaming.net:7470/

    ** donations: We welcome donations of any size (really, no donation is too small!) to help support MoreButter Radio. The bandwidth we use isn't free, and we've already expended hundreds of dollars keeping the Butter streaming. As an added incentive, all donors will receive a guaranteed reserved slot for the next broadcast. We hit the limit last time, and we expect to do so again in the future. Don't get stuck with your finger (tin can?) in the air! Any donations that exceed our operating expenses will be donated to a worthy charitable organization.

please note the following important info:

    1. Do not record or re-broadcast the broadcasts. Please respect the band's wishes/rights.

    2. No guarantees. It's worked before, but it might not work this time. For whatever reason.

    3. Test your connection BEFORE the show. If you have problems, contact us at radio at morebutter dot net.

    4. If you get disconnected, try reconnecting or refreshing.

    5. We have limited slots for listeners. If we reach our cap, we will limit listen times as necessary. Please consider throwing a listening party to conserve slots -- digital carpooling! Remember, any listener who makes a donation to help support MoreButter Radio will receive a reserved slot!

    6. Enjoy!

links for downloading (or upgrading) your media player: