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Shows with  Song Details Played 183 times (last played 76 shows ago)
date shows b/t venue (city, state) set order
01/30/13    172  Slidebar, The (Fullerton, CA Lulu, Jackmormon Mother, Cherry Lake
12/03/10    23  SPACE (Evanston, IL New Speedway Boogie, Jackmormon Mother, classical piece
07/17/10    Mountain Sage (Groveland, CA [openerJackmormon Mother, Be Kind Boys
06/13/10    Mishawaka Amphitheatre (Fort Collins, CO Summertime Gal, Jackmormon Mother, Banish Set
05/09/10    26  Dance Palace, The (Point Reyes Station, CA Let It Fall, Jackmormon Mother, City By The Bay
11/18/09  Audio Available  WOW Hall (Eugene, OR Blue Night, Jackmormon Mother > Up On Cripple Creek
11/11/09    19  Acoustic Music San Diego (San Diego, CA Rocky Raccoon, Jackmormon Mother, Limbs Akimbo
10/02/09    11  Infinity Hall (Norfolk, CT Naked Blue, Jackmormon Mother, Blow Again Friendly Wind
09/02/09    18  Izaak's (Craig, MT [openerJackmormon Mother, Turning The Wheel
07/11/09    private party (Allenspark, CO Banish Set, Jackmormon Mother, Into The Mystic
07/04/09    Marin County Fair (San Rafael, CA (The Ballad Of) Danny & Cleo, Jackmormon Mother, I've Got A Feeling
06/18/09    34  Mexicali Blues (Teaneck, NJ [openerJackmormon Mother, Bit By Bit
02/15/09    Mudhole, The (Atascadero, CA Back On The Train, Jackmormon Mother, Pay Yer Dues
01/24/09    Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute (Utica, NY Firefly, Jackmormon Mother, Sleeping With The Guru
01/23/09  Audio Available  Field, The (Bridgeport, CT Be Kind Boys, Jackmormon Mother, Mingus
01/22/09  Audio Available  Sellersville Theater (Sellersville, PA Summertime Gal, Jackmormon Mother, Rebecca
01/16/09  Audio Available  Caspar Inn (Caspar, CA In These Parts > Jackmormon Mother > In These Parts
12/29/08  Audio Available  11  Owsley's Golden Road (Denver, CO Firefly, Jackmormon Mother, Guns Or Butter
11/20/08  Audio Available  East Hartford Community Center (East Hartford, CT [openerJackmormon Mother, California Snow & Rain
11/12/08  Audio Available  Empire Dine & Dance (Portland, ME Queen Elizabeth, Jackmormon Mother, Sugaree
11/09/08    11  Appalachian Brewing Company (Harrisburg, PA Honkytonk Tequila, Jackmormon Mother, Well-Oiled Machine
10/09/08    13  Belly Up (Aspen, CO [openerJackmormon Mother, Guns Or Butter
08/23/08    Mountain Sage (Groveland, CA Bliss Monkeys, Jackmormon Mother, California Snow & Rain
08/13/08    Crested Butte Mountain Resort (Crested Butte, CO Lighten Up Your Load, Jackmormon Mother, Satisfy My Soul
07/22/08    Neurolux (Boise, ID Tornadoes And Football, Jackmormon Mother, Day Trader
07/15/08    12  Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater (Vail, CO Return Someday, Jackmormon Mother, Up On Cripple Creek
05/24/08  Audio Available  moe. Summer Camp (Chillicothe, IL Copenhagen, Jackmormon Mother, Firefly
05/08/08    20th Century Theatre, The (Cincinnati, OH California Snow & Rain, Jackmormon Mother, Backrooms Of My Mind
05/03/08  Audio Available  Great Green American Fest (Manheim, PA I'm Still Here, Jackmormon Mother, Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You
04/26/08    13  Merlefest (Wilkesboro, NC California King, Jackmormon Mother, California Snow & Rain
04/09/08    Vaudeville Mews (Des Moines, IA Evolution, Jackmormon Mother, Firefly
03/19/08  Audio Available  Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. (Chico, CA Evolution, Jackmormon Mother, Lighten Up Your Load
03/07/08    Moe's Alley (Santa Cruz, CA Hugs, Not Handshakes, Jackmormon Mother, Dear Old Dixie
02/28/08    13  Domino Room (Bend, OR Watermelon On The Vine, Jackmormon Mother, Backrooms Of My Mind
01/29/08  Audio Available  18  Rialto Theatre (Tucson, AZ Sweet Honey Fountain, Jackmormon Mother, Guns Or Butter
12/06/07    FTC Stage One (Fairfield, CT [openerJackmormon Mother, California Snow & Rain
11/29/07  Audio Available  Stone Church, The (New Market, NH Hugs, Not Handshakes, Jackmormon Mother, Flask, Alas!
11/16/07    Mobius, The (Ashland, OR Stories We Could Tell, Jackmormon Mother [closer]
11/02/07  Audio Available  Charley's (Paia, HI String's Breath, Jackmormon Mother [closer]
10/26/07  Audio Available  15  Hawaiian Hut (Honolulu, HI Sugaree > Jackmormon Mother, Right Between Your Eyes
09/20/07    Stiefel Theatre (Salina, KS Waterpocket Fold, Jackmormon Mother, Fatal error: Call to a member function showDisplayName() on a non-object in /hsphere/local/home/gromfin/morebutter.net/missyslist/song_shows.php on line 50