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Shows with  Song Details Played 36 times (last played 287 shows ago)
date shows b/t venue (city, state) set order
05/09/10    22  Dance Palace, The (Point Reyes Station, CA The Love You Gave Away, Brokedown, Honkytonk Tequila
12/04/09    Marilyn's on K (Sacramento, CA Sexy Bakery Girl, Brokedown, Ramblin' Girl
11/18/09  Audio Available  10  WOW Hall (Eugene, OR [openerBrokedown, Flask, Alas!
10/24/09    Ramsey Auditorium (Batavia, IL Guns Or Butter, Brokedown, Crazy Glue
10/22/09    Vaudeville Mews (Des Moines, IA America's Favorite Pastime, Brokedown, Lady Loop
10/21/09    Redstone Room (Davenport, IA Be Kind Boys, Brokedown, Turning The Wheel
10/08/09    Aggie Theatre (Fort Collins, CO (Waiting For A) Squall > Brokedown, Be Kind Boys
09/12/09    17  Great American Music Hall (San Francisco, CA Summertime Gal, Brokedown, Honkytonk Tequila
08/01/09  Audio Available  Owsley's Golden Road (Denver, CO Desert Rat, Brokedown, Scarlet Begonias
07/19/09  Audio Available  Soho Restaurant and Music Club (Santa Barbara, CA [openerBrokedown, Sexy Bakery Girl
07/17/09  Audio Available  The Brixton (Redondo Beach, CA Guns Or Butter, Brokedown, Honkytonk Tequila
07/16/09    33  The Mint (Los Angeles, CA Desert Rat, Brokedown, If You Gotta Go, Go Now
03/22/09  Audio Available  10  Capitol Theater (Olympia, WA Beneath The Blossoms, Brokedown, Satisfy My Soul
02/12/09    Winston's (San Diego, CA [openerBrokedown, Guns Or Butter
01/31/09  Audio Available  Mystic Theatre (Petaluma, CA Sexy Bakery Girl > Brokedown, Summertime Gal
01/17/09  Audio Available  Caspar Inn (Caspar, CA Sexy Bakery Girl, Brokedown, Right Between Your Eyes
01/09/09  Audio Available  Fillmore Auditorium, The (San Francisco, CA Swing & Sway, Brokedown, Sexy Bakery Girl
12/30/08  Audio Available  Oriental Theater (Denver, CO Up On Cripple Creek, Brokedown, Right Between Your Eyes
12/10/08  Audio Available  Madison Theater (Covington, KY Song In A Can, Brokedown, Tear My Stillhouse Down
12/05/08  Audio Available  97  Martyr's (Chicago, IL California King, Brokedown, Tennessee Jed
03/07/08    Moe's Alley (Santa Cruz, CA [openerBrokedown, Cumberland Blues
02/29/08  Audio Available  29  Wonder Ballroom (Portland, OR I've Got A Feeling, Brokedown, Beneath The Blossoms
12/09/07    Hobo Stage at the Fountain House (Newton, NJ Rosalee McFall, Brokedown, Duncan
12/04/07    Castaways (Ithaca, NY Sophronie, Brokedown, Rather Be Blind
11/28/07  Audio Available  Paradise Lounge Boston (Boston, MA Blue Night, Brokedown, Bit By Bit
11/15/07  Audio Available  WOW Hall (Eugene, OR Sweet Honey Fountain, Brokedown, Banjo Rock 'N' Roll
11/01/07  Audio Available  Liquids Nightclub & Grill (Kihei, HI Wedding Day, Brokedown, Gumboots
10/26/07  Audio Available  Hawaiian Hut (Honolulu, HI Pay Yer Dues, Brokedown, Guns Or Butter
10/02/07  Audio Available  11  Orpheum Theatre (Flagstaff, AZ Pay Yer Dues, Brokedown, Right Between Your Eyes
09/16/07    River City Roots Festival (Missoula, MT Rebecca, Brokedown, Backrooms Of My Mind
08/24/07  Audio Available  18  Malibu Inn (Malibu, CA Sweet Honey Fountain, Brokedown, Beneath The Blossoms
07/06/07  Audio Available  High Sierra Music Festival (Quincy, CA Loose Lucy, Brokedown, Canary In A Coalmine
06/15/07    13  Doug Fir Lounge (Portland, OR Return Someday, Brokedown, Rather Be Blind
05/17/07    Don Quixote's (Felton, CA Metrosexual, Brokedown, Golden Days
05/05/07    Hodi's Half Note (Fort Collins, CO On My Way Back To The Old Home, Brokedown, Cheatem's Dream
05/04/07  Audio Available    Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom (Denver, CO Be Kind Boys, Brokedown, Sing Me A River

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