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Shows with  Song Details Played 24 times (last played 26 shows ago)
date shows b/t venue (city, state) set order
10/03/14  Audio Available  159  Independent, The (San Francisco, CA Summertime Gal, Big River, Working Man
09/06/11    96  People's Court (Des Moines, IA Let The Love Come Through, Big River, Crazy Glue
06/11/10    45  Palisade Bluegrass & Roots Music Fest (Palisade, CO Beneath The Blossoms, Big River, Let It Fall
10/21/09    40  Redstone Room (Davenport, IA Summertime Gal, Big River, Two Loose Cannons
07/10/09  Audio Available  15  Mishawaka Amphitheatre (Fort Collins, CO Desert Rat, Big River, jam
05/03/09  Audio Available  Miramar Theater (Milwaukee, WI Lulu, Big River, James Santiaguel
04/10/09  Audio Available  27  Aggie Theatre (Fort Collins, CO Honkytonk Tequila, Big River, Bit By Bit
01/16/09  Audio Available  Caspar Inn (Caspar, CA In These Parts, Big River, Six Weeks
01/01/09    Basement, The (Lone Tree, CO Something New, Big River, Leaving Dallas
12/30/08  Audio Available  Oriental Theater (Denver, CO Lulu, Big River, California King
12/13/08  Audio Available  Cabooze, The (Minneapolis, MN James Santiaguel, Big River, Wedding Day
11/21/08    Lowell Auditorium (Lowell, MA Desert Rat, Big River, Beneath The Blossoms
11/19/08  Audio Available  Sullivan Hall (New York, NY Howlin' At The Moon, Big River [closer]
11/14/08  Audio Available  14  Westscott Theater (Syracuse, NY Honkytonk Tequila, Big River, Backrooms Of My Mind
10/10/08  Audio Available  15  Fox Theatre (Boulder, CO Howlin' At The Moon, Big River, Green Drop
08/21/08    River Ranch Lodge (Tahoe City, CA Bears, Big River, Evolution
07/26/08    Lee Fong Park (Weaverville, CA Return Someday, Big River, (The Trial Of) John Walker Lindh
07/18/08    private party (Salt Lake City, UT California Snow & Rain, Big River [closer]
07/05/08    32  19 Broadway Niteclub (Fairfax, CA [openerBig River, Song In A Can
04/15/08    House Of Blues (Cleveland, OH Poison Oak, Big River, Hard Hearted
03/22/08    35  Caspar Inn (Caspar, CA Roll River Roll, Big River, Hard Hearted
12/14/07  Audio Available  113  Moe's Alley (Santa Cruz, CA [openerBig River, California Snow & Rain
03/13/07    237  Mojo's (Columbia, MO New Speedway Boogie, Big River, Orange Blossom Special
11/16/05      O'Gara's Bar & Grill (St. Paul, MN [openerBig River [closer]

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