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Shows with  Song Details Played 242 times (last played 73 shows ago)
date shows b/t venue (city, state) set order
02/02/13    10  Winston's (San Diego, CA I'll Fly Away, James Santiaguel [closer]
12/31/12    Brick & Mortar Music Hall (San Francisco, CA Every Side Of The Coin, James Santiaguel > Ramblin' Girl
10/17/12    26  Wooly's (Des Moines, IA Summertime Gal, James Santiaguel, America's Favorite Pastime
05/10/12    Saint Rocke (Hermosa Beach, CA Late In The Evening, James Santiaguel, (Waiting For A) Squall
04/19/12  Audio Available  18  Vogue Theater (Indianapolis, IN Do It On The Strings, James Santiaguel, You Got Gold
03/11/12  Audio Available  36  Wild Buffalo House of Music (Bellingham, WA Limbs Akimbo, James Santiaguel, Late In The Evening
11/08/11    Porter's Pub at the University of California, San Diego (San Diego, CA Tennessee Jed, James Santiaguel, Fruit Of The Vine
09/09/11    Martyr's (Chicago, IL Fruit Of The Vine, James Santiaguel, Late In The Evening
09/07/11    30  Cabooze, The (Minneapolis, MN Fruit Of The Vine, James Santiaguel [closer]
05/13/11    11  Center for Spiritual Awareness (West Sacramento, CA String's Breath, James Santiaguel [closer]
03/26/11    Winston's (San Diego, CA Fruit Of The Vine, James Santiaguel, Firefly
03/24/11    Plush (Tucson, AZ Wedding Day, James Santiaguel, Cherokee Shuffle
02/28/11    Three20South (Breckenridge, CO [openerJames Santiaguel, Something New
12/30/10    19 Broadway Niteclub (Fairfax, CA Blackberry Pie, James Santiaguel, I'll Fly Away
12/08/10    Rock Island Brewing Co. (Rock Island, IL America's Favorite Pastime, James Santiaguel, The Genie's Loose
12/05/10  Audio Available  Hard Rock Cafe (Las Vegas, NV Blackberry Pie, James Santiaguel [closer]
11/18/10  Audio Available  Fox Theatre (Boulder, CO [openerJames Santiaguel, I'll Fly Away
11/13/10    Crystal Bay Casino (Crystal Bay, NV [openerJames Santiaguel > RV
11/05/10    Humboldt Brews (Arcata, CA Have A Feast Here Tonight, James Santiaguel, Beneath The Blossoms
08/21/10    Palm Ballroom (San Rafael, CA Eleanor Rigby, James Santiaguel, Blackberry Pie
08/20/10    18  Marilyn's on K (Sacramento, CA Red Clay Halo, James Santiaguel [closer]
06/18/10    26  Riverwalk Center (Breckenridge, CO Summertime Gal, James Santiaguel [closer]
12/29/09  Audio Available  11  Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom (Denver, CO [openerJames Santiaguel [closer]
11/13/09  Audio Available  Sail Inn, The (Tempe, AZ Swing & Sway, James Santiaguel, (The Ballad Of) Danny & Cleo
11/11/09    13  Acoustic Music San Diego (San Diego, CA Fatal error: Call to a member function showDisplayName() on a non-object in /hsphere/local/home/gromfin/morebutter.net/missyslist/song_shows.php on line 48