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Shows with  Song Details Played 28 times (last played 540 shows ago)
date shows b/t venue (city, state) set order
01/26/08    15  Temple Bar (Santa Monica, CA [openerI Saw The Light, Honkytonk Tequila
12/07/07    212  Knitting Factory, The (New York, NY Be Kind Boys, I Saw The Light, June Apple
08/18/06  Audio Available  71  Chico Women's Club (Chico, CA String's Breath, I Saw The Light [closer]
03/28/06    11  Jamm in Jamaica (Negril, JM Big Sciota, I Saw The Light, Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You
03/16/06  Audio Available  Neighborhood Theatre (Charlotte, NC New Speedway Boogie, I Saw The Light, Evolution
03/05/06    124  private party (Oakland, CA unknown, I Saw The Light, Happy Birthday
06/18/05  Audio Available  68  Wakarusa Festival (Lawrence, KS Cumberland Blues, I Saw The Light [closer]
02/11/05  Audio Available  Aggie Theatre (Fort Collins, CO [openerI Saw The Light [closer]
01/14/05    Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom (Denver, CO [openerI Saw The Light > James Santiaguel
01/09/05    42  Bret Walburg's Basement (Sandy, UT Happy Birthday, I Saw The Light [closer]
10/15/04    Parish, The (Austin, TX I'm Goin' Up On The Mountain, I Saw The Light, Thrill Is Gone
10/05/04    Sweetwater Saloon (Mill Valley, CA [openerI Saw The Light, This Morning At Nine
09/22/04    Fez Ballroom (Portland, OR Sugaree, I Saw The Light, (You Make Me) Feel Like Dancin'
09/09/04  Audio Available  44  Freight And Salvage (Berkeley, CA [openerI Saw The Light, High Bill Medley
05/30/04  Audio Available  50  Big Wu Family Reunion (Harmony Park, MN [openerI Saw The Light, Immaculate Rain
01/30/04    Croom Theatre (Incline Village, NV Nellie Kane > I Saw The Light [closer]
01/20/04    Tractor Tavern (Seattle, WA Sucker For Pigtails, I Saw The Light [closer]
01/17/04    Bitter End, The (Portland, OR Hold Whatcha Got, I Saw The Light [closer]
01/11/04    10  Humanist Hall (Oakland, CA [openerI Saw The Light [closer]
11/06/03    17  Sweetwater Saloon (Mill Valley, CA June Apple, I Saw The Light, Red Haired Boy
09/21/03    Barley Pub (Dover, NH Worth Waiting > I Saw The Light, Fox
09/18/03    14  Tobacco Road (New York, NY Irish Medley, I Saw The Light, I'm Goin' Up On The Mountain
08/01/03  Audio Available  Horning's Hideout (North Plains, OR Colleen Malone, I Saw The Light [closer]
07/23/03    Voodoo Lounge (San Francisco, CA Horseshoe, I Saw The Light [closer]
06/29/03    39  Lake Tahoe Brewing Company (Stateline, CA [openerI Saw The Light, Old Home Place
02/23/03    29  Bazaar Cafe (San Francisco, CA Immaculate Rain, I Saw The Light [closer]
09/28/02  Audio Available  Apple Harvest Festival (Point Arena, CA (The Trial Of) John Walker Lindh, I Saw The Light, String's Breath
08/06/02      Freight And Salvage (Berkeley, CA Dolphin, I Saw The Light [closer]

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