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Idaho Pines
HBR composer:   Zachary Matthews
times played:   total: 206 
first: 06/04/04
last: 12/30/12
shows since last: 83
musical key:   Gm
primary vocalist(s):   Zachary Matthews
instrumentation:  [underline indicates "primary" instrument where multiple are listed]
Bryan:  bass
Nat:  guitar
Zachary:  mandolin
Aaron:  fiddle
Erik:  flute

Well, lately it seems I've been ramblin'
On the those long lost highways in my mind
Lately I've been winning all my gamblin'
So I guess I finally made it, high times
Can't you hear me when I call, high times?
As the snow begins to fall on the Idaho pines

Well lately I found new roads traveled
These ones aren't paved nor laid in gravel
Time won't stay still or stay the same
I guess I'll be my way
I must be on my way
To the cemetery sunrise on a brand new day

It's hard to stay on the road
When love is weighing down your load
She won't wait for you
Your heart may get confused
When either path you choose you seem to lose

It's high time we get moving on
Everything is temporary, even this song
Further down the road we'll meet again
But for now this is it, high time
Got to pack it up my friends, high time
Got to learn to love again, it high time
Let your heart mend, high time
Well, could this be, it's high time
As we holler hallelujah across another state line

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