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songs (missy's list)

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HBR composer:   Aaron Redner
times played:   total: 328 
first: 08/20/04
last: 06/26/15
shows since last: 0
musical key:   A
primary vocalist(s):   Aaron Redner
instrumentation:  [underline indicates "primary" instrument where multiple are listed]
Bryan:  bass
Nat:  guitar
Zachary:  mandolin
Aaron:  mandolin
Erik:  banjo

general notes:  

Listen to Missy singing Firefly at Burning Man


Strollin' through the shady grove
Up half a country mile
Through the redwoods and the squirrels
They were jumping
As daylight comes to rest
Upon nature's sweet caress
Fireflies mark my way

Ancient constellations
Look high above the nation
Let's have a conversation by and by
Some for you and some for me
As I wander through the trees
Ain't got no worries on my mind

Oh-oh, I heard it all on the radio
Oh-oh, just leave it all behind
The thunder rolling gently
Rolling sweetly through the trees
Georgia Midnight River

Daisy, Daisy what a gal
She lives up on the hill
You wouldn't know from looking
But she's feeling kind of ill
As she dances with the children
In the lilies and the rain
She'll make believe there's nothing to complain

Often it's the case
You find a stranger in a place
Living out the life you left behind
So wade into the streams
That lead you to your dreams
Fireflies will mark your way


John, John, where'd you go wrong?
To find your way into my song
Every now and then your sign reads "open"
Collecting pieces of the past
Trying to make it last
Vinyl record play a song all day


Well it's quite a pleasant site
You fireflies at night
Illumniate my soul with your convictions
I think I'll close my eyes
And up into the skies
Thunder guide me down to the river


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