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songs (missy's list)

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Swing & Sway
HBR composer:   Nat Keefe, Erik Yates
times played:   total: 183 
first: 11/10/06
last: 06/25/15
shows since last: 1
musical key:   G
primary vocalist(s):   Nat Keefe, Erik Yates
instrumentation:  [underline indicates "primary" instrument where multiple are listed]
Bryan:  bass
Nat:  guitar
Zachary:  mandolin
Aaron:  fiddle
Erik:  banjo

I'm just a passenger, on this freight train
on a straightaway with a good head of steam
My sweet companion stepped out of the fast lane
to take the countryside as these rails ride

I had my chance, I took my choice
But she was the one that was leadin' the way
She led the dance, she raised her voice
I just followed her swing and sway
I just followed along with the swing and sway
Now I'm spinnin' spinnin' spinnin' all over this floor
I'm throwin' up my hands, I'm cryin' out for more
(And I yell to the band, play just a little more)
I said, ooooo oooooo ooooo

I'm a piece of driftwood out on the open sea
Where the wind and the waves wanna have their way
Oh but there's a warm breeze flowin' over me
It's blowin me toward the right shore


Now through pirouettes and double steps I'm lettin' myself go
I don't know what's in front of me, Lord I don't want to know
I might spin too far and in the end have nothin' left to show
But a pair of worn out dancin' shoes, I guess I just say
ooooo oooooo ooooo (x3)

(Nat, repeating first verse)


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