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Limbo In Lovelock
HBR composer:   Hot Buttered Rum, Josh Osmond
times played:   total: 122 
first: 06/24/05
last: 11/18/08
shows since last: 431
musical key:   D
primary vocalist(s):   Hot Buttered Rum
instrumentation:  [underline indicates "primary" instrument where multiple are listed]
Bryan:  bass
Nat:  guitar
Zachary:  mandolin
Aaron:  fiddle
Erik:  banjo

Rollin' down the highway barely hitting 65
Buster's gears, they gave in
We're glad just to be alive
What to do and where to go
Are the questions on our mind
Sheriff Loveless out of Lovelock
He arrived with a ride

Welcome home to Lovelock, your travels gone astray
Desert snow has fallen, you might just want to stay
If you're broke down and stranded
And love has gone away
It's limbo in Lovelock, limbo in Lovelock
Limbo in Lovelock
For a lifetime ... or a day

Well, Gretchen bought a motor-home to live the American Dream
But parking in New York City is harder than it seems
When she headed for the sunset Lovelock wasn't on her mind
But fate works in funny ways and in its own sweet time


Meanwhile, I'm riding shotgun with the tow-truck man
We're talking about everything we can for a hundred miles or so
Driving Buster down Highway 50, it's the loneliest road in the whole damn country
And I'm lonesome, don't you know...
I'm laying in the motel watching CMT
All those pop country songs are makin' too much sense to me
Everyone is always stranded and lonesome and looking for love

(banjo solo)

Well just outside of nowhere
Mile marker 105
You'll find yourself in Lovelock where the game is to stay alive
Get yourself a burger down at the cowpoke café
Where the gals have quite a smile, it's the special of the day


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