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(The Ballad Of) Danny & Cleo
HBR composer:   Erik Yates
times played:   total: 59 
first: 11/01/03
last: 11/19/09
shows since last: 311
musical key:   G
primary vocalist(s):   Erik Yates
instrumentation:  [underline indicates "primary" instrument where multiple are listed]
Bryan:  bass
Nat:  guitar
Zachary:  mandolin
Aaron:  fiddle
Erik:  accordion

Well Danny was the coolest fool you ever could meet
Too cool to shake your hand if you met him on the street
Too cool to smile or laugh out loud
Or do any damn thing but sit on his cool little cloud

If there was one thing that could save cool Danny's soul
It was the love of a woman by the name of Cleo
She had eyes of a goddess that sparkled when she talked
And she could tell Danny's trouble by the way he walked ...
Real cool and sideways

She said my Danny, why you act so proud
Why don't you smile, why don't you laugh out loud
Come on the sun is shining and it's time to rejoice
And if you can't see for yourself then I've got no choice
I got to take your hand and raise my voice, tell you to

Live your love, love your life
Come on do it right - you don't get another chance
Get on that floor, move just a little bit more
You never know for sure
When they'll call that last dance

Well now Danny's brother was a cynical man
He had a strong suspicion he'd been dealt a losing hand
And on every evening he said to his wife
He'd never done a thing he wanted to his whole life
- sad but typical

His wife it seemed was on a similar road
Sleep walking through her days and doing what she'd been told
She'd been carefully instructed not to think for herself
And little did she know it was bad for her health

This propitious evening little Danny stopped by
A smile on his face and Cleo there by his side
He said brother come with me and bring my sister-in-law
You're gonna see a thing or two you never saw
You're gonna dance, you're gonna sing,
You're gonna have yourself a ball
You're gonna ...


Well Danny's brother argued about responsibility
And Danny said, my brother yes you've got a few of these
And that's why it's so important that you strut your stuff
You come out and dance like you can't get enough

And before they knew what hit them, Cleo took them by the hand
She led them from their living room into the promised land
And the brother quit complaining and the sister broke some rules
Danny did his very best to keep from acting cool
And they danced on fire while the hours flew past
They were taking life slow while they was dancing so fast
Taking life slow while they were dancing so fast
We're taking life slow while we are dancing so fast


Live our love, love our life ...

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