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songs (missy's list)

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Missy's Heart
HBR composer:   Aaron Redner
times played:   total: 3 
first: 03/22/06
last: 02/07/07
shows since last: 686
primary vocalist(s):   Aaron Redner
instrumentation:  [underline indicates "primary" instrument where multiple are listed]
Bryan:  bass
Aaron:  mandolin
Erik:  banjo
instrumentation notes:   debuted by Aaron playing solo; subsequently played with only Aaron, Bryan, and Erik

Let me tell you about Miss Missy
Now, where do I begin?
I'll start from the begginning
'Cuz we all know how it ends

It starts off with a smile
Gleaming in her eyes
It permeates invigortates
Much bigger than its size
And what a hug she carried
A grip of love, I swear
She loved to share her bosom
Oh, I miss my Missy fair

(chorus A:)
Dance along with strangers
To quickly make them friends
Sing a song of peace alone
Until you find the place your highway ends

(chorus B x2:)
Missy's heart is beating
Missy's heart is strong
Someone's got my Missy's heart
Someone sings her song

There burns in us a candle
The wind will never touch
Her flame will never flicker
'Cuz Missy meant that much

And where I look I see her
In the shelter of my mind
Her shadow right beside me
For all the rest of time
Her lungs are breathing free air
Her eyes can see the sun
Every part of Missy is every part of everyone

chorus A (x2)

chorus B (x2)

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