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June 7th, 2008: MoreButter v3.0 Released!!

February 4th, 2007: MoreButter v2.0 Released!!

    my.mbn: join the community by registering for an account!
    - my.meltdowns, tracking all the shows you've attended
    - my.recordings, tracking all the recordings you have
    - my.stats, tracking extended info about your my.mbn shows and recordings
    - Bug fixes and functionality refinements throughout
    - Recording available indicator
    - Enhanced sorting / ordering functionality
    - Interface icons

November 16th, 2006: MoreButter v1.3 Released!!

    - Even more column sorting!
    - "Shows Since" feature -- see how many shows have passed between plays of your favorite song!
    - Instrumentation details -- see what instrument(s) the guys play on each song
    - All available back data finally entered (we go back all the way to 1999!)

November 9th, 2006: MoreButter Radio featured on JamBase.com. Click here to read the whole article.

May 17th, 2006: MoreButter.net featured as "Fan Site of the Month" on JamBands.com. Click here to read the whole article.

February 25, 2006: Version 1.2 released. This version cleans up the look and feel of the site a bit, while adding tremendous functionality. New features include:

    - The home page now features a quick lookup box to jump directly to a specific show.
    - Most columns are now sortable. Clicking the column heading sorts ascendingly; clicking again reverses to descendingly.
    - The songs instances page now displays the subject song in context, showing the song before and after, and whether there were segues into or out of the subject song.
    - A statistics page has been added. These stats will change quickly as we add more data over the next couple weeks.

We are also excited to feature an mp3 of Missy Baron singing Firefly at Burning Man (thanks to Marshall Elliot for the recording). This is a special recording, and we're so lucky to have it to help us remember Missy. Finally, at the request of a couple users, we've added a link to MBN merchandise; if there's a different product you would like us to list (or a modification to a current one), please let us know. As always, make sure to check back here often, as we're constantly adding more data.

February 21, 2006: MBN v1.1 was released today. Among the modifications and enhancements include more detailed venue information, an RSS feed of upcoming shows, LMA audio links, prev/next show links, and more. Check the about page for more details, or simply explore the site to see for yourself. In addition to these feature and enhancement releases, we've been hard at work entering data -- every day you should notice that there is more and more here for you to sink your teeth into. We've recently gotten a treasure trove of old information from the band, so come back soon and often to see the data from the early years trickle in.

February 5, 2006: We're excited and proud to unveil MBN. The site is an online catalogue of Butter songs, setlists, venues/states played, etc. It is database-driven, with everything linking to damn near everything else. The data are incomplete (from present back to end of 2004, with some of the Billy dates and scattered other shows missing); even as I write this, we're still adding shows and migrating lyrics...please be patient. But we think there's enough there for you to start enjoying it.

A couple notes from Adam:
(1) The "we" behind the site is *much* more than just me. While the site is sort of my brainchild, the technical wizard behind the curtain is John McGaraghan (former Oversoul bandmate of Zac and Bryan). Somewhat strangely, John and I have yet to meet (tomorrow will be our formal introduction); we've created, debugged, and flyspecked this site exclusively via e-mail communication. How 2006, eh? Gil Selinger also deserves recognition for entering an ungodly number of setlists. (After all, a database without data is not very interesting.) Big thanks, too, to all the other contributors listed on the credits page, especially to my honey be of a wife.

(2) You all don't get to see the back-end of the site—its inner-workings. But let me tell you, they are SWEET! Clean, elegant, intuitive. My mom (whose needlepointing betrays her rather young age) always told me that you tell a fine needlepointer by what the BACK of their work looks like. Well, believe you me, John is quite a needlepointer!

(3) While the site replaces the Missy's List that has been at the same address for a few weeks now, we still dedicate the site to Missy and continue to call the song list "Missy's List." We're excited that we can release this on the day of a show in Nevada City - the last place she called home.

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